Quick update

MENANGLE st is closed to traffic for Hugh Jackman to film his new wolverine movie. I have no interest peer say but Ben Bennassic took a photo of the snow. Whilst Picton is cold we don't get snow so it's rather nice . :-)

Thursday was...confusing. Whilst I know I can do the stuff, I was doing a trial assessment and bombed. I got good feedback but I felt I failed in my standards of not getting the safe working right. Still I didn't actually breach, just came close but I pulled through at the end. My trainer said he saw me get to a breaking point then gather myself and deal with it. As I have had people doubt my ability, this feedback made me happy. I know he meant it.
I have been precious as I found out that one of my referees gave me a bad reference. He brought doubt into my trainer's mind, LUCKILY two more senior people stood up for me. So screw him. Now I really cant let the other two down. I really must thank them. Still I am stunned that someone would agree to do a reference and then write something so hurtful especially as several times in the past I have been his go to person for safe working. How dare he take his personal issues with my husband and use my career to get at him. Some people just can't separate people.

Revenge is a dish best served cold and he will need me one day. Mark my words. Hurt and doubt has clouded my mind and I need him out of my head, alas I have to live with this until the stupid appeal. The appeal is an OSM who feels he was hard done by, but he never passed the assessment centre. He failed and badly. As he never got an interview.. I don't understand why he gets interview transcripts. No only that, personal details about me and my colleagues. He has our applications and everything.

I feel betrayed and targeted.


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