this whirlwind existence is getting me down

Peace!! I have a yearning for peace. I have a NEED to go to the farm that is almost overwhelming every other emotion.
Today was a welcome break from my routine of getting snowed under at work. Close friends have said I am very pale (Even for me) Ugh. I am not sure this was a great move but I had to move to the old girl is probably just uncomfortable being out of a rut.  I shall battle on.

Today was a road trip to the black hole of sydney, the freight lines.
Sydney put on 28oC weather ( not bad for winter ) and I was very happy to be out in the sunshine.

Strathfield signalbox

Yennora Sidings

A canabalised 8017 #train #railway

4mb4 at trackfast

G  frame Chullora MTS


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