30 September 2012

From Evernote:

30 September 2012

Brrr jumped into bed, forgetting that we changed to summer, cotton sheets..

Day was mostly boring, an incident with a train and a shunter made me do a heap of research of who owns what, and the difficulty of this job has now been referred to safety ppl. It's just too hard to contact anyone in charge with all the bloody takeovers and name changes.

The afternoon plan was vodka & cranberry red bull which was late as I changed my mind from family guy to American dad. As I don't own any American Dad, I had to drag poor David to Tahmoor to rent a season.

Saturday night was fireworks In Picton, which I thought would be crap. I was wrong. For a little town fireworks display.. It was darned good. Clinton was there but I didn't see him. :-/


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