Friday, September 28, 2012

Finished my first solo week

From Evernote:

Finished my first solo week

was luckily with my first solo week, but never got to do a possession. Whilst you all think, isn't that lucky? I have not done one possession in my training. I have no spiel and have a high chance of mucking it all up. Hmm Friday night had a huge shut down and it rang late due to the prep work that I had done, and chased up, not being fixed. SIGH. I requested a fix for incorrect boundaries but no one reprinted the STN. GRR the guy on night shift was hammered. 

I have otherwise been struggling with my dark cloud of doom, but again this is a matter of time. I will eventually get over it. I had stopped my bit D pills and this may have contributed to me not coping as well as I usually do. 

The iPhone 5 was released and I didn't rush out to buy one. I did get D one for his birthday, he knows this anyway, so ppl out there you can buy him some accessories. :-) if you want. I did have the idea of a hotel room in a lovely place but this is prohibitive with the cost of the phone having to be paid.I see int e future, maybe a few phones away that I will have to move to android. THis does not make me happy but if apple wants to play stupid with google then I am sorry but goggle is a superior product in many things and I have a love affair with my google calendar. Google maps are the best out there so Apple, pull your socks up.!!!! 

I have re-installed shiftlife, it seems to be much better than last time I played with it, maybe I wasn't able to dedicate the time to setting it up properly before, but it suits me now. especially with the line rotation feature. Np more individual shift entering. I have only to select the line I am on the the start date and VOILA all my shifts are entered. 

I found an interesting article on the railway closures of the 1960s in the UK. THey resonate with me in the slaughtering of my railway. As our management comes from the UK I suppose this is the him book that they brought over with them? ANYWAY its fascinating reading. 

The re-shaping of the british railway. (Check link works) 

THis quote is true around the world and politicians forget this as they all travel via car from the wiki article. "The closures failed in their main purpose of restoring the railways to profitability, with the promised savings failing to materialise. By closing almost a third of the rail network, Beeching achieved a saving of just £30 million, whilst overall losses were running in excess of £100 million per year. The shortfall arose mainly because the branch lines acted as feeders to the main lines and that feeder traffic was lost when the branches closed. This in turn meant less traffic and less income for the increasingly vulnerable main lines.

The assumption at the time was that car owners would drive to the nearest railhead (which was usually the junction where the closed branch line would otherwise have taken them) and continue their journey onwards by train. In practice, having left home in their cars, people used them for the whole journey. Similarly for freight: without branch lines, the railways' ability to transport goods "door to door" was dramatically reduced. As in the passenger model, it was assumed that lorries would pick up goods and transport them to the nearest railhead, where they would be taken across the country by train, unloaded onto another lorry and taken to their destination. The development of the motorway network, the advent of containerisation, improvements in road haulage vehicles, and the economic costs of having two break-of-bulk points all combined to make long-distance road transport a more viable alternative." 

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