So i have lost my diary

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So i have lost my diary

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I have lost my diary, last seen in the kitchen. My last hope of getting my scuba fitted in  is gone with it. I am really upset as I have set many alarms and reminders and still have not managed to get any time to do it. Now the chance is lost. I am even dreaming about the lost chanceits constantly on my mind.

This plus the loss of someone close to me has left my general mood in a funk.. I am teary and testy, and it was this mood of doom that I went to my final exam. ( blogged about earlier) 

Since then, my belove husband, ever supportive, took me on a overnight trip to Jenolan caves.  I had never been there, My schools never did excursions to such places.  The drive was lovely, but the lower blue mountains was seriously depressing.  ( lots of reasons but don't wanna dwell on this) once we were over the other side, on the Mt Vic side, I was happier. I really am it a city girl. I find happiness in large spaces and no people. 

The little Jenolan village was very cute, the restaurant staff are lovely and David and I happily giggled at the stupidity of this blonde girl at the table next to us. She wasn't happy about anything. She ordered a salad but didn't want onion, or tomato or lots of other stuff. From what I can tell, she wanted lettuce on a plate. Just as well she was pretty or her partner would have thrown her out the window. 

The pillows in the rooms are divine!! I even made a pillow nest, and wanted to stay there for the day but David insisted that we get up and get on a tour. The kookaburras laughed at his idea.. It was after all 5am....

Yummy breakfast!! Will hope to return to this hotel again.

We took the orient cave tour, the tour guy was a local who toured these caves as a boy in the 1950s and we enjoyed his comparison of then and now. He engaged the children and made sure that everyone could see the different structures even the little pineapples. My main thought was though, is that the cave tours are too large for the space available. 

We saw the Nettle cave as it was included in our package, but after the Orient, it was less interesting. If we has started with this cave, I would have been much more impressed. The view from the top was fabulous though.

We dashed back to the restaurant for lunch, roast and desert for $15, well worth the effort then headed off for the River Cave tour. Here, I was irritated by the tour guide. Firstly, she arrived late, hurrying us up the myriad of stairs.. She shuffled us into the first cave and all seems to settle down, when she yells at David for taking a photo of me.. Ok.. Hunky, I know this guy. It's ok... She then started to lag behind in time and this made her hustle ppl even faster.  Still, the cave and it's many caverns was lovely but it went on and on.. I was exhausted by the time I got out.  Again my impression was that the group was far too large for the spaces in the caverns. There were many places where I missed her talk or couldn't see what she was talking about! Grump. 

David and I headed home at the point the short stay away reviving us both. A most pleasant drive to Penrith where we stopped for dinner.  We asked about our favourite soup, onion, and hurray!! Some was left over from lunch.  Pays to ask. 

Home and slept for a very long time, almost 12hrs. 

Sunday saw us doing a mega shop when really, we had gone there for 4 onions. Ummm... I set about making my version of onion soup, only to have it explode on me. Scolding hot liquid across my face, neck and chest. It was first aid time. Now I have blisters and scars even with David's careful first aid.  He completed the soup, which was yummy, but the kitchen looked like a monster had vomited in it. Light brown soup spattered everywhere. I think even the lizard copped some. 

Sunday was also my take up shift. I was terrified, as I now was the go to person for issues. Eep. Still It went very well. 

My think geek box arrived. Just as well, as David used the Domo blanket for soothing purposes when I was injured.   If you can buy a Domo blanket, you should get one. Well worth the money. 


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