Well that is that

Reposted from my film blog.

I FINALLY did the very last assessment for my promotion. They have changed the policy recently to only one attempt or you have to find a new job. At this stage, you can't return to your old job and you get go on to another board, you get stuck in limbo. Needless to say,this makes a simple assessment terrifying. You can't spend a week more on the board to up-skill, you need to PASS!! Eep.

So I volunteered to go to an early am assessment instead of the later busy time. Why no give yourself the best chance???

I did on on the board, but the assessment, written the day before, was tough. The questions asked were not found in any documents and one in particular, I would have had no idea except that I remembered it from guard's training. ( yes over 10years ago) thank goodness!!!
I made two stupid mistakes but that as still enough to pass. Yay!! So now, after applying in January, getting the position in June, been appealed against, and done numerous tests I can FINALLY say I am the freight train controller. I care not for your electric trains.. Hahaha
This is my new rut and I will try to stick in my little cubicle. They are already talking about moving me to a new board. NOO mind you, the goods board is a grade above my grade so I am in no hurry to get less pay.


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