10 October 2012

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10 October 2012

Some ppl shit me. I don't mind friendly debate but when you descend into personal rudness, you have lost. It was a bit like converting Mitt Romney to real life. Ugh some ppl cannot be helped.

On a cheerier note, today was David's birthday. He knew what I had bought him, an iPhone 5 in black as he was there when I ordered it. (Pre-order) we watched it leave the  factory on the 3rd (ugh so much for pre-ordering) and sat a botany dock from the arvo of the 5th to this morning. So David received it today. The post office staff shouting happy birthday as they handed it over. Heeheehee love my post office.
We headed off the narellan to get new SIM card and me get a return on some clothes that didn't suit. I failed to get a full refund as I saw a new shirt so got $60 back instead of $170 FAIL!!
Off to Telstra and because David had a promotional offer, they took it off him :-( why a simple sim swap was made so difficult, I don't know.
As a surprise, (sorta) I helped pay for David to get a remedial massage for his back, and whilst he was occupied, I headed back up Telstra for an otter case. David is notorious in damaging his phones, so this case should help protect his new toy. It have three layers of plastic and a belt clip. It's a massive cocoon.

Dinner at Hogsbreath, just the two of us.. And now I head to work.



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