15 October 2012

From Evernote:

15 October 2012


I want a dog. Mostly cause I feel I need an attentive creature to Lmk when ppl are on the property whilst I am asleep. I found a dog. I have been looking on and off since April. Trouble is David doesn't like dogs. Ok. I understand this as I don't like small dogs that serve no purpose. I am also mindful of my absentmindedness and my lack of a back fence.
I do need to walk more too. I have done nothing but sit on my arse for months. This is costing money as I have to buy pants all the time.

So I don't know.
Found a house trained animal that can be in the house and is mostly trained how I like my dogs trained. But no yard for the times when I am not at home.
Can David tolerate a dog? Do I try?

Possibly find it all too hard and give up. Mother tells me what breed to get but what suits her certainly doesn't suit me. Arrghh


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