5 October 2012

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5 October 2012

So today they called me in for a graduation ceremony. Overtime to sit and eat food?? Ok then... Shame it was in the middle of 4 days off but meh. David was working anyway.
We were assembled in Imad's office from 0800 but had our only task for the day at 11. Went for ice cream at CQ but I decided against it when it was $7.00 for a one scoop cone. I enjoyed the sea breeze whist my colleagues chatted.

Returning to the office, we arranged a present for Steve, taking $75 of my $200 pay. :-( I was not paid correctly, again. This new (to me) payroll officer sux. Really, is it so hard to pay people the correct rate if pay? So short of funds. :-/ unhappy. I send a polite email to him as no payroll officer works on payday.

Hot summery day and here I am In office clothes :-/ sweltering. Guys wandered up for lubricant but I only stayed long enough to be polite. I enjoy their company but I want to continue my days off.

Andrée came in from her holidays to hand us some cool photos.



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