Friday, October 19, 2012


My reasonable calm day was completely thrown out the window cause the 1112 train was missed. This means a missed contract meeting (still paying) and maybe a missed appointment. I have no car and still need to get back to cbt by 1900. For the want of 2 minutes I haven't get a chance in hell of salvaging this Arvo.
Trouble is, I coulda made it if the RMC wasn't filled with tourists holding up the lift and doors. Poor Mick got a serve causing him to be on the back foot and probably ruined his opinion of me, but I have one train a day that I depend on, and everyone goes home when I turn up early. What a way to start a professional relationship. Geez. Well. Now throwing good money away on appointments I can't get to. >:-/
I feel Ill just thinking about it.

Mother is angry with me, like its my fault... AARGGHHHHH
Shoulda gone off sick.

To make matters worse, I don't have a HICAPS card so will have to cough up the cash for that too. Sigh.

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