Day 4

Pre dawn wake up for a lighthouse at sunrise shot.  Alas, Yamba was overcast and raining. We were disappointed as the morning just became light. No ceremony. Just dark then light .GRR I gave up and decided to shoot the pub clinging to the hill. We turned to after the cameras started dripping with rain to spy a rainbow over the replica lighthouse. COOL.
Breakfast and headed north. We attempted to find the Ballina RTA to register David's car but failed as we had already passed the shopping centre.
The Richmond River Lighthouse was not where we expected it to be, on lighthouse road but David looked up the hill and saw a white dome. AHA! Found it.

Richmond River #lighthouse at Ballina

Onwards to Byron Bay. As the weather has warmed up and schoolies are everywhere, parking was at a premium. Esp at the gate that states $7 per car past this point. David wanted to take fresh pics so he headed up the hill and after a short argument with some tourists, I agreed to double park as the guy I was parking was going to be a while. After a time, a lady turned up and got in her car. As she was taking her time, and other cars were circling, I asked if she was leaving. "I will as soon as I can get the car to Start" OK.. I started her car and yay! scored a park.  Finally I got to head up the hill. I met up with David and we headed for the most eastern part of the country. For once the museum was open so I stuck my head in. Some interesting stuff there, but nothing about tours of the light itself. Off to the lighthouse keeper's cottage which was also open.

Byron Bay #lighthouse
David had beaten me to the shop and he arranged with the saleslady to buy the copies of the two books I had wanted for ages and even had sourced a rare lighthouse map. WOW! :-) Not cheap. It was scarily expensive. As Byron Bay was infested with schoolies we absconded.Next stop was Fingal Head and its lighthouse. This lighthouse is another little lighthouse. One of 5 (well 4 plus the replica in Yamba) Only 7m high. It is accessible through a shady walk past the beaches. Very pretty place with turquoise ocean and white sand. Bush turkeys run around and David spotted a sea eagle in a tree. He headed down the cliff to the rocks and saw two others.
Fingal head #lighthouse

Heading into Tweed heads, we finally found an RTA. :-) Whist there we picked a random hotel from wotif and checked in, only to head off to Point Danger.

Point Danger lighthouse was built in the 1970s and screams 70s. There is no doubting it.

Captain cook memorial #lighthouse obviously built in the 1970s

The beach below the light is stunning. Its calls to you to swim at it.

Trig point? or marking the border on the headland

Too much sun for me, I really need to move to Tasmania. EVERYONE loves the sun and heat and I hate it. I love my aircon. SO Back to the hotel but we left soon after for David to swim at Rainbow Beach. Sunset shots at the Point Danger Lighthouse


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