Monday, November 19, 2012

Northern lights Tour 2012

Packing went well into the night, it didn't help that I was  out cold for most of the afternoon.
3.00 AM alarm,and we were off to north head to see the arrival of Rhapsody of the seas and the Kokomo (yacht).

Rhapsody of the seas arrives in #sydney taken with  #canon M  David drive to palm beach to see Barrenjoey lighthouse.  We were 3 hours early for the first tour but as I was ill, the walk took over at one hour to climb the stairs. Talk about steep. The Weather was overcast and humid, so I sat and watched the Humpbacked whales frolic in the bay. Of course I managed to get sunburnt. The first tour was at 11am, which is ridiculously late in the day. People had been arriving since 9am with children and leaving when they realised that it was 2 hours before a tour.
When the volunteers did turn up, they were disorganized but very friendly. :-) ALas I knew more about the light then they did. :-( Still for the kids it was a great tour and for $5 worth every cent. The Lighthouse keeper's house is being restored. A stunning house with multi million dollar views across Palm beach.

Barrenjoey #lighthouse

After the tour, we had to race to Norah head to make the final tour of the day at 1330hrs. We made it with 2 minutes to spare and Talked to Sue about the Box brownie in the museum collection whilst we waited for Terry to finish the previous tour. This pair are friendly and knowledgable about the building and the history of the families that had lived here. I wandered up to the car to get a film for Sue for her Brownie and a wedding party turned up. A massive burgundy Cadillac Limo. Of course I had to take photo but I had only a film camera with me and for the life of me, I couldn't remember what film was in it. It turned out to be 50asa B&W. OOPS. Oh well David took heaps of photos.
NExt leg was to Nelson Bay for the Inner light and Point Stephen light house.
Port Stephen Lighthouse was now inaccessible by foot. David spoke to the Lifesavers on duty and later the Maritime, Search and rescue ppl about this and it turns out that the sand bar that acted as a bridge was washed away last October (2011) and the last men who tried to swim it ended up in hospital after being rescued. Highly dangerous thing to attempt. The only way to reach the lighthouse was via charter boat or plane. Rats. Foiled by weather.
The inner light is under renovation so also not open but you can visit the museum and tearooms.
Stopped for the night at Marty's at Little beach. This place is comfortable and close to the beach. Its odd though.. there is no phone in the room and there is noone to check you out at 0830hrs, We had to leave the key in the room.
Diner was at the Golf club. The view from the bistro is stunning. We watched golfers dodge ducks and roos as they played. :-)

My view 4 dinner #golfclub

Sunset @ little beach nelson bay
Day 2
Got to sleep in. Was still sick. :-( But D allowed me to sleep in YAY:-) We had breakfast at the local milkbar which was surprisingly awesome.
Headed up the hill to see the WW2 bunker, but it was closed. GAck.
Off to the next spot. David took us to Seal Rocks and Sugarloaf point Lighthouse.
Sugarloaf point #lighthouse
Stunning location. They have the lighthouse keeper's and assistant keeper's houses for let but its $400 plus a week in summer and the traditional off season is called Whale season so its $3700. Geez I can go to Japan for a week for two ppl on a recent groupon voucher for that. AND have spending money as change.
Next up was Crowdy Head lighthouse. This is so cute!! A tiny tower and two store rooms. It was the last of a series of small lighthouses designed by James Barnet, the others being Fingal Head, Richmond River, Clarence River and Tacking Point.

Crowdy Head Lighthouse
The keeper's cottage was long gone. :-( . This lighthouse had only one keeper. it was automated in 1928.
We headed to Tacking point next. Looked the same as Crowdy Head but this little place was automated in 1919 and de-manned in 1920. Poor little lighthouses.
Tacking point #lighthouse
 The weather had turned nasty now, so David cancelled the next lighthouse for this leg. The wind was very strong. Probably just as well. We headed for shelter of the hotel. Tonight is the Opal Cover Resort.  Instead of paying ridiculous prices at the bistro, we headed up the road to the pub for their 241 pizzas. David ordered me a lighthouse pizza. It was actually really yummy.
Where do I start with this?

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