Tuesday, November 20, 2012

northern Lights tour day 3

Not our most successful day, the weather beat us most of the time.
The room's bed was so comfortable that when David left for sunrise photos at the hotel's beach, I stayed put. Only when he returned and mentioned breakfast did I move.
Breakfast was the standard you get at any large hotel.
We headed off with blue skies.

When we arrived at David's surprise, the local aero club, but from here, the day's weather stopped playing nice. The Aero club is grounded as the Chief Instructor is not rubber stamped by CASA so they cannot accept joyflights or lessons. Whilst we were there, I was even offered a job. HA!! NO way I would return to flying for a living. Thats not a way to live at all. I was flattered though. :-) Whilst the lady was talking, the weather front hit. I was outside when it hit. The wind was fierce then the clouds followed. Even the skydivers stopped jumping. SO dejected, we headed up to Dorrigo to the railway compost museum. I am not really exaggerating. Some of the wagon there are being broken down by ferns into compost.
Here, David was in his element, but the winds and the rains followed. We retreated to the Dorrigo Antique centre, mostly trash but a few interesting things.. then the pub for lunch.

As we had run out of petrol, and there were no places that took my lease petrol cards, so instead of heading North east, we went back down the hill and found a small place that took starcard. The car has to be fed too.

Lots of driving to get to our first lighthouse that we would access via road. This turned out to be Yamba. There is so much road work that driving for David is a chore. The constant speed changes are a nightmare.

The Clarence head light #lighthouse
Clarence River Lighthouse is a fairly modern lighthouse for this coast. Built in 1955, it was to replace a tiny 1880 lighthouse that was obscured by the building of the hotel a block away and the soon to be built water tower. The little lighthouse was demolished in 1956 but in 1987 the little lighthouse was rebuilt and is in use as a radio station.
A replica of the Barnett #lighthouse built 1987
We hung around Yamba, taking in the fishing bay, the surfers and even watched a sea eagle float on the winds.
Fishing boats #ships #boats
We settled into a family room at the Yamba Motor Inn. Hopefully up for dawn photos at the lighthouse

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