Lotsa owls turned up...I have now a huge parliament of owls as necklaces...

Oh! And the shirt if a favourite from Sara -Ezibuy.
Survived the troubles.. They did lose my drug test.. But after extensive time in purgatory, they found it after three days. Geez. Considering I didn't need to take a test, just posturing by management to seem to be doing something. I did get some good info from the trainer,so all was not lost.
Got an iPad mini, I was convinced of its usefulness, even though ppl are bleating about its resolution. I love it. Easier to hold & lighter then the iPad but a huge margin. It fits in my handbags, therefore being handier. I was tossing up the idea of selling my iPad 2, 64 gb, when an old friend texted me with an offer. Win! My biggest concern for me is no cellular. Wi- fi only. ugh my poor phone will be my modem for the next few months.
think i still need a full size ipad for my general laptop use...
Hurricane Sandy was amazing to watch, I used my marine watch app to get a wind image which was very telling...

I was shown this Fibonacci spiral made by the hurricane... So very cool.. Maths is simply amazing..

To cheer my week a Russian Zenit arrived..

Which took me a while to get used to. its a camera i will struggle to focus, but its cool factor cannot be denied.
Also in the mail was a complete Yashica 635 TLR with 135 kit.?beautiful camera.

Works well. I was surprised to find that this is older than the Yashicamat 124 that lives in my house. Both are a dream to use.

Spring has arrived, today being over 34°C the city is buzzing with beautiful ppl, so the yashicamat and I did some street shooting.

The perfect street photog camera, modern times have taught ppl that you lift a phone to you eye.. Not look down at it.. Lol

To finish, am the proud owner of a tee-fury shirt..

Very cool!!
Druey popped over for trivia on Thursday last, the steak was excellent, and we lost at trivia.. Eh, we go for the $15 steak anyway! Good to get out. Dressed in work clothes, it was inevitable that I would spill food, and I did . Grr on a favourite scarf.. Mind you, I have plenty of scarves thanks to Scarves.net and the ones I don't love, my mother seems too.. Had a HUGE leopard print scarf.. Suited mother to a tee! (She took some crocs too )
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