SO my photos from yesterday have finally uploaded... here are the rest of the beaching of the Challenge yesterday
Trawler Beached at South Cronulla

Trawler Beached at South Cronullaa>

Trawler Beached at South Cronulla

Trawler Beached at South Cronulla

Trawler Beached at South Cronulla
Today, I sit on standby whilst my husband struggles with packing of stuff. I should be there to help him, not sitting on my arse here on level 3.
I have been using my diary more than bloggin and my friends are starting to complain, but why blog about things that are depressing? Better to stay quiet and just write.
Ben has found an interest in pens, Drue is a natural fountain pen user, his writing is neat and legible, and he is a leftie so anyone who says that they want to use a fountain pen but can't because they are a leftie just are not trying or don't want to and are making excuses. 
David as spend a week at Junee, and managed to get 6 days off close to my 6 days off. My 6 days were broken by 2 days overtime and I was made to feel unreasonable when I refused the thrid day.  GRR. I have to try to see David in his short time here.
Today he is packing his computer and then going to try to see the coalie from Tahmoor heading to Port Kembla with three TT100s on it. Trouble is the new ICE  system makes it impossible for me to so see my trains. IF I worked for the private mobs, I would be able to track my trains. But I can't only see them when they appear at my door step.Bloody annoying when suddenly they are out of order and I have had no warning.
The turmoil at work is unsettling but I have to wait 18mths to see if it is worth moving. KNowing my luck, I will change jobs only to be stranded at the farm alone. :-( Unacceptable situation.
David seems to be enjoying his new job, the XPT are interesting trains from a driver's point of view and he can learn another state's safe working and be qualified in two states. :-)
I am now in day 1 of 17.. its going to be a long long fortnight....


  1. This is why I never comment... Just took 25 minutes to create a Google+ account, and now I've forgotten what I wanted to say!


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