Headless chook

SO I bailed on seeing David for three days because the house is out of control. Well it as always been out of control but I can't manage to keep on top of the little that gets done. PLUS the NAB online people are irritating and I need to talk to some one so that means staying here for three days alone.
It also means I do 1/10th of the lawn per day. I discovered that I had a clothes line... Hmm Dunno how long that has been there but yay? I think.

The front was mowed over two days and 1/20th of the back was done around the clothes line and a walkway in the grass from the side door to the back. Its like Kakoda out there. I need to pay for a guy with a slasher to do it in 5 minutes.

I also need a fence guy. Shane did the worse part but isn't really interested in doing the rest of the side and None of the back so I still can't get a dog.
SO I lock the house up at night, mostly due to paranoia and possums making a racket. Last night the amp turned itself on and scared the crap out of me. Pretty random thing for it to do.

I have been writing more letters to random strangers and I have made a few new friends. Shame they all live overseas....Sigh..

The NAB online team have been driving me crazy, making calls and mot talking so they can say they called.. they email but don't email so, fed up, I drove 9km out of my way to the nearest branch (They closed the Picton Branch) to get something sorted out. The branch manager read through all the stuff and gave me a list of things to bring back. Why the online people could not have told me this in the first place I don't know. Evil people. SO today I head back and go via the ANZ to get a missing statement for a credit card. THey wouldn't do it. They expect me to order it, pay a fee and then return in 3 days time for a statement I need today. AAARGHH. THe teller printed me a transaction record so I took that to the manager at NAB. The lady spent an hours attempting to sort this crap out. Next time I go into the branch and do a loan in person. THis on line stuff is just not working for NAB. I know Westpac can do it successfully but a loan shouldn't take over a week to get approval. I just wanna get rid of my C/C. Geez. How hard is this? I am ropable. Shame NAB is the best of a bad lot. UGH. Maybe I should have applied with Bendigo bank, at least they have a Picton branch

SO today is mostly a waste, I am now sitting waiting for a call. :-( I should mow another 1/10th.

My other issue is my hair. Its dry and birdsnesty. I have tried everything.. cutting it is certainly on the cards.


I found the diaries from the past few years. :-) Heehee This year I am using month diaries so have managed to lose January.. but It should turn up. Have also filled a bin with running and camera magazines so far.. So each small step forwards to an empty house. Need to collect all the clothes that are not xxl and not for work and give them to st vinnies..I may need a semi trailer.... Books too.

Anyone who wants to come and raid my house of stuff LMK and we can arrange something. 


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