Saturday, March 9, 2013

I got a talking to

for giggling on the phone. Geez. #fixingthetrains

crush the employee at all opportunity.

I was having a great two days. Of course it was shot down within a minute of walking into work. Shame. The manager was quite pleasant and had some other great tips, he was being helpful and I took what he said on board but the one things stated above has made me teary as it is who I am. its a tick I don't know I do. Some people swear, some say um...etc..

Saw D today for an hour, we has a pleasant lunch.

Wednesday has me on a late train to work and I met a Vietnam vet. A most pleasant trip into town and aside from seeing David, it was sad it had to end. He was so interesting!! HE even escorted me from the train and made sure David was who he was supposed to be before leaving us. Manners and chivalry, how I miss them.
Thursday I had to double back but I had some happy news. David had passed and has been one of a few is any to do it in 4 trips. YAY I am so happy for him. :-) Now he has to learn Junee to Melbourne but thats a new challenge and I am sure he will thrive.

Ken received a journal that I had arranged for him a little while ago and had forgotten about as I thought the order was cancelled but it seems I cancelled part of the order. The customer service via the web site on was terrible but the twitter people were great, go via them.

Journal I bought Kev

I had purchased this.. which is much more masculine than my teal blue one. I am jealous of it as it looks awesome. But I am sometime into my journal so I can't start a new one..

My Journal

He will think I am insane as I has in the meantime ordered a small thing off  but thats too bad, I like to get my friends things. BUT I am fair...Ben got a Leuchtturm journal from and a Rhodia pad from my private collection. Tim got a pen made from a bullet
from a kick starter project I supported. I did ask for an orange wood and they delivered. 

Poor Druey is the only one left out... But I did get him a pen earlier in the year...

WHy? Because I am sad and I want to make others smile. 
NExt, more letters and a used pen for Azizah... She needs one that I know works.. I only need to choose a colour. 

Now to bed and hopefully unconsciousness. BAck at work tomorrow for day 19 of 19.

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  1. I'm still catching up (very, very slowly) on blog posts, but I love my pen. I am using it all the time and now I want more!!! Thank you <3 <3 <3


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