Sunday, March 3, 2013

I promised to blog

But living in a cloud of doom constantly means I really don't want to bring others down by bleating about it. The very day that David left for Junee, my new (aka October bought) has developed a stripe down the screen. Bloody Sony crap. Second laptop to annoy me in less than a year.

I have grabbed 30 mins- 1 hour every time David is in Sydney but we only had time for lunch once. Which brings another issue. With no one to worry about feeding or getting fed, I just don't bother. I know I am fat, but I really rarely eat unless someone will go with me, so that means I don't eat. I have made it a point to have a steak at work once a week at least. That comes with a few leaves and a tomato.
I have no time for my pets and they are now suffering so I need to down size. Its not fair on them. They all need a clean cage at least. :-( SO to concentrate on the positives.....hmmmm

This police Car was brought to you by Jeep @orangetim
Saw this cool Cop car on the way to Mardi Gras.. He was, not me. I was on the way to work.

Capitol square hotel has $10 meals
We discovered that the Capitol Hotel has $10 lunches. Close to my work and David's hotel.

Sydney can throw up some colour on occasion.

My kickstarter shirt have arrived !! #kickstarter from good question ink
A kickstarter order arrived but alas missing a piece. Still the guy has talked to my about the error. SO that's a positive.

Other than that, I volunteer for work and so my house is a pig style, the grass is longer than most kids are tall. I seem to have given up on a lot of things. Anyone want a snake or lizard?


  1. I'd love a snake or lizard, but there's probably a whole bunch of hoops to jump through to keep one in Canberra.. :/

  2. no idea if my comments are getting through .. your captcha is worse than mine :(

  3. is there for me, even after I've logged in .. problem is, because you have moderation on, there's not much in the way of feedback to make it clear if the comment posted or not..


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