Sunday, March 17, 2013

SO I was asked to go to Goulburn

After work. After being awake since 3am.. zzz. I made to to sutton's forrest and had to sleep/doze, and buy coffee. I made it to Goulburn just before the train. I was there to collect David and send a few short hours with him. (read that as drive him home, sleep 3 hrs and return)

So waiting for 9l90 to arrive so I can go home
I wandered the station

Finally the train arrived, I had timed it so I was on the top of the overbridge. The driver has the headlight blazing so my iphone was not happy. I had not stopped in at home so I only had my phone as a camera. But you know what they say the best camera is the one with you.

9L90 arrives Goulburn Station
9L90 arrives at the station

9L90 at Goulburn
safely in Goulburn

David had to take the train to the roundhouse so I was getting frazzled from the lack of sleep and the past few weeks... Hmmm... I got lost but that was just another item to add to my list.
The soldiers club had a dance social

Finally we got home around 2230, and it was all too much for the day. I had a flameout. Bed was not soon enough and alarm was too soon. 0330am and I was awake and showered with David not far behind.
 We stopped at sutton's forrest for fuel and Maccas.
Um... ok
Arriving at the Goulburn Heritage centre around 2 hours before dawn, it was far too dark to see any thing. The round house did not have its lights on so shooting a black loco in the dark was near impossible.
the iPhone can only do so much
I left David to await his arrival at the station. Lots of people and heaps of foamers, rude foamers. I met a nice guy who suggested a better spot down the road.
After taking a few shots at the station I headed to the new spot. 

3016 at Goulburn station #train
9s91 at Goulburn

Headed for home & made it to south Goulburn when my appalling diet caught up with me to I stopped at Maccas for the facilities. David rang and requested I go to Tarago, as the weather was lovely. (It was) So I turned around and headed to Tarago. Thank you Tom Tom. 

Tarago Station

Anyone Want a little SM's Cottage? Looks Great!
Tarago was 12C but I was shivering. Being tired and barely dressed (T-shirt and jeans plus a very light cardi/hoodie) I couldn't feel my fingers after a short time. I headed home as soon as David's train left for Canberra. 
I did stop at the Loaded Dog for a photo. 

The rest of the day I have been cold and exhausted. I couldn't get warm and my nap was broken. I have night shift so an early night is out of the question.

I tossed out rubbish, vacuumed the tiny patch of carpet that I cleared, cleared David's old desk of papers and stacked them. I now have a place for the Piano and a writing desk. SO Whilst distracted by a 2 hour top gear episode, I arranged my pretty bottles and tossed the boxes. Well.. I will toss them...
Night all.

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