By Request

Drue requested a blog post, so here it is. I have failed in my endeavour to escape the Borg employer and remain a slave probably to my death. That the way of collectives they don't let go easily.

Father in law got bad news but I have no updates. David's grandmother passed away on ANZAC day, I read about it on twitter, no official news. Just a day prior a colleague committed suicide. April had been harsh at best.
That's as positive as I can be.

A glimmer of cheer, my in - laws generously put up deposit money for David to buy a house. I am getting flack from my own parent for getting everything wrong, not negotiating hard enough, loan too high or too much deposit.. I can't win and I had nothing to do with this house. I have not even seen it.

Drue was kind enough to ID some trains on the Coolamon branch whilst I had a rare few days off..
That had been my month. You all want to be me eh?

Next stop house wife? Kill me.


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