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I have not been blogging because day to day has been a struggle and work is hectic. Change is all very nice but this is mostly making things worse. It's been said openly from high up that anyone currently in a role will not be looked at for a high position. The govt wants only outsiders.... Ummm very very bad idea. So far it's been ppl who were not so successful in their native country, it's Colonial times all over again. It's a running joke now that to work in some areas you need a passport. Bah.

Job swap is not looking good, the guys who can won't :-( am not winning at anything, recently.

David popped in for a few days and got overtime so left after barely 36hrs. Very upsetting.

Good news is he will have somewhere to live soon, thanks to the in-laws' generosity and the council wanting to tidy stuff up by the EOFY.

Got yelled at two days this week. One was stupid, the other from a lazy person who is avoiding work. Spending a heap of time avoiding work too. Again bah.

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  1. :( This does not sound like a pleasant week. <3 *hug* I hope you receive my letter soon. Although it's kind of a downer...


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