Thursday, June 13, 2013

So another week ends

Had a colleague learning with me today. All went well and then the
afternoon peak started to bite. Stuff is hitting the fan and I don't
want to be in the way of the incoming cyclone. Leave me out of it. A
supervisor has kindly offered to ring around for me. :-) I don't
expect much but it was lovely of him to offer to do that.
I met a tweeter today. MrsBrownMouse kindly sat in the cold waiting
for me to finish work and I was able to get her precious Akkerman inks
to her. I think of my friend Koen every time I deal with Akkerman as
he doesn't live far away. Maybe we can pay him to ship for us :-) but
I feel that would be a huge imposition. I would love another bottle or
two as I had to put three back to get under the €30 postage. Bah! They
did get it here though very quickly.
Thanks to the two ladies who trusted me with the order and their
money. Without you, I wouldn't have these lovely bottles :-)

Off sick as been headachy all week
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