in Junee

So, I finally get time off. I went down to Melbourne, to catch up with people, but when I got there, they seemed to have dropped off the planet. :(
David took me to the Oriental TeaHouse for dumplings. I loved it. As my close ppl know, I love Asian things, so this little tea house was right up my alley.
Wagu beef dumplings were delicious, and I did enjoy tasting the different teas. very relaxing.

Came across a broken rail, some guy told me it was an expansion joint. hahaha its not like my years of experience, the train driver, signal electrician would know anything. I was irritated, but Druey backed me up. yay!!

Andy popped in as I was leaving Melbourne, just long enough to say hi

Today was a quiet day, we had to go to the farm. Collected some random stuff then headed for Wagga. David now realises he lost his wallet. OOPS it was still in Junee Oh well. :) We managed.

we did some night shots last night.. i was playing with a new camera, the OM-D

see the level crossing go down

a light engine passes by..

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