I have dropped the ball on my on-line journal and in August I even dropped my paper journal. Sigh. August and Sept are easy as in a nut shell I have been sick on and off for some reason. I am so rarely sick that this puzzles me.

David did take me on a day trip to the mysterious “Woosang” of Victoria. It took him 5 hours of driving to get to the far western Victorian farm, and when we got there, nothing. Not a sign, a location or even an abandoned farm house.

On the way down we found some great big things.

The Big Roo and Emu



The Big spider


And  a snail mail with email

 (Must find photo)

Poor David was tired and disappointed. As he put in “Woosang” in NSW has at least a house on it. We returned to the street sign as this was the only mention of Woosang in the area.

We headed for Echuca, where David had a room for the night.

We pulled up at the station so he could photograph a local service only to find that it had caught fire down the track and was cancelled. Poo.


We has passed through Boort, the name amusing me. Later, I find the family had come from Boort and many distant relatives live in Boort and a lot more are buried there. Curious 6 degrees of separation there.


The return trip was marred by a run in with a piece of truck. A HUGE piece of truck that shredded the rear tyre.L A quick change and we had breakfast at the Big Strawberry. Alas, their EFTPOS was down so we had to scrounge around for cash. BOO. Still, the pancakes were excellent. J


David has to go to work so we raced home.


I lived essentially quietly the rest of the time.


Work is dragging as I have been spare for essentially three weeks. Waste of my time travelling 2 hours each way but its what I am paid to do. BAH

I made a cake 


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