Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I have been playing with android

?I have fallen in love with an android app.I read about it on Twitter I think, someone mentioned that they had to use a native app and they would prefer Waze. So I looked it up.
Waze is a social network gps app that is rather fun to use but very helpful.
I have used it on my commute and last night was the best test of it.I was driving from home to work in my husband's car which does not had built in gps.
The screen flashed up a warning about a traffic build up that was at stop.Luckily for me as the tail end of the traffic jam was over a crest but I was able stop easily.The idea is you would avoid the areas but in this case read the only route possible.
In the app, you can join groups and you see warnings from that group about local issues and on the freeways, you can see if there Is a police speed trap both hidden and visible.
The app will not allow the driver to type but the icons are big enough to tap safely
(Your phone is mounted safety right?) And you can add your own hazards on the way.
This is an android only app that I would highly recommend especially as the app is totally free.

Google play store

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