Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I lovely car has been for sale for 3 weeks. I have had a few people ring and email about it and make appointments BUT  stood up every time. Lots of spam and time wasters. I have been greatly upset by this whole process. This year has been crap from month to month. Even looking at the good parts, its overshadowed by the bad stuff and this is just another irritation.
Bad - I have lost friends this year. - One by suicide and two by heart attacks. None by cancer so far but the year is not over.
Good - A friend had a baby and I have been watching her grow through facebook
Bad - David moved away
Good -Dunno yet. Maybe lets just count letting him chase his dream
Bad- Ex-husband lost his father to liver disease
Good - Nil
Bad - Husband lost his grandmother this year
Good - Nil
Bad- Father-in-law is not a well man at all. Was diagnosed with brain tumour (One? More?)
Good - Nil
Bad - Mother selling the farm
Good - She will be free from a huge debt and work load
Bad - Husband's lease expired and car still not sold
Good - He has a new car
Bad - My lease will expire soon and it will cost $5000 upfront to auction
Good - I have a new car
Bad - New Lunatic PM.
Good - Nil to Australia at all
Actually this is the biggest danger to me and my family. One of us stands to lose our job or at least the reason for working.... Pay.
Good - Job I love
Bad - Where do I start?
       - Interfering upper management
       - 600 km from David
       - Hours suck in a major way
       - Payroll officer with an issue re paying people their entitlements
Bad - Sold out all of my leave
Good - Debt is almost manageable.
Bad- I will be working well into my 70s IF I still have a job.

Well I can go on but this will probably count at the highlights of 2013.


Now spiders are following me everywhere. Mostly Huntsmen like this one but the occasional funnel web turns up, and a few house spiders. Wish they would stay outside away from my hand hold areas. I massaged one by accident recently as he was on the car INSIDE the door. IGH. Soft and furry is NOT what you wanna feel when you open the door. 

I am pining for a dog again. Still need a fence but my friend is not coming down these days to finish it, NOT That I have the money to buy the rest of the panels. UGH. Can 2013 die already please? 

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