Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Xmas Nightmare

I tried to have a pleasant day. I did. It started pretty good, I went to Mother's place and she cooked a lamb roast with little puddings for dessert.
She had to go to work so I left at midday.. As I had 5 hours to kill, I headed to the airport. I watched planes playing with the cameras on the phone. I had the car shut down except the radio.. Around 1500hrs, I decided to head off to work early and give the day guy an xmas present. Went to start the car and it was dead! REALLY? A two month old car can't handle the radio being on for 2 hours??
I tried to push start it alone... Noone helped.. the other people there totally ignored me. Great. I ended up stuck in the dune. BAH.
I rang Nissan road side..they said 30 -45 minutes. YAY. Just in case, I rang work and told them what had happened.
Did I mention that it was raining?
The roadside guy rang me and got directions, rang me again, having gotten lost. He was close.

We (Yes, we) worked on the car. He had to test the battery, but in the hour I had been waiting, I had managed to start the car and get it out of the dune. He had to try to get the battery to fail or I had to get a new one from Nissan. This took ages..  To de-activate the alarm, we had to take the scoop of the turbo off. ARGGHH who put the alarm box under the turbo?? We ended up having to use his jump start kit to fool the alarm.

Ended up at work late and wet through. Least Work was pleasant made possible by the lovely NSW trains lady who arranged food for everyone.

Mother's ham was a hit.

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