Getting away from it all

I have FINALLY stopped chewing my nails.. Only once before have I managed this feat. The main issue now, is they now get too long and I type with my nails now, not my finger tips. Lots of mistypes. Annoying.

Fabian and I have been getting away from it all in Junee.  Basically bumming around, but he did cost me a fortune in Wagga. Nearly missed Rebel sport with all his other shopping. Eventually I escaped the city $1000 poorer. Which is all my credit cards now maxed out.  

Caught up with Ben, one of David's colleagues. A lovely guy, but need more buffing out.. lol... against the mega buffs I know, he is not up there yet. 

Anyway. Only thing that happens here are shunts. Or the Morning steel train to Melbourne.


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