Sunday, May 25, 2014

In happier news

Can you tell I am tipsy? I am being loquacious.
Oh well. Months of silence, now you cant shut me up. HA!

Anyway with the words of a mature young lady in my head.. Plus some advise from a dear friend (Own it he said) I decided that he was right  I would.

I went to buy Fabian his birthday present. Yes its in July, but he never asks for anything and it was on sale (2 years interest free) Slightly more than Kogan but the peace of mind of going to a store and jumping up and down. Now as my friends know .. I broke my screen. It is bumming me out.. but in the interest of being slightly responsible.. I resisted buying two S5.

The big thing for me... and its only big for me. Today I tucked in my shirt.


 You are all laughing at me.. but its a big thing to me. I haven't tucked in a shirt for around 25years.
All Tucked in 
I got compliments from ppl in the shops. WOMEN. YES. WOMEN. PPL who will stab you in the eye with a manicured claw covered in jewels.. came and spoke to me. One young lady asked about the age of the style and was excited as she was doing a design course.  It was warm, sunny, I had loud music, and a smile on my face.

It was my day.


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