Tuesday, May 20, 2014

So much pink

Now, My long term and long suffering friends know I used to wear black...  Corsets.... I always had red black or purple black hair..  I would like to one day dye my hair all red with a black streak but that will be when I have time and my friends can help with the bleach.  My hair is ways chemically cut by bleach so maybe another $600 profession  session  is required.  I dunno.

That's not the point... 

I have been trying for a few weeks to lighten my red streak to try pink.. Just felt winter needed a warm bright colour.  Or cause none of my clothes will suit...  Being black and red mostly.  Some green has drifted in over the past year. 

Also not the point. 

What I have noticed is..  I have moved away from. Corsets and feeling terrible because nothing is in my plus size.  Things state a cm for waist and chest but when you get them..  They don't fit and if you squeeze in...  Doesn't flatter.  Besides at over 40 I should lengthen my shirts...  Lower my heels (maybe I rarely wear them out anyway) and we'll, accept that I am not a beautiful pin up girl.


The past two years have been  hell.  I had given up on myself and stopped trying.  I wore bigger and bigger t~shirts and moved to elastic pull up jeans.  I stopped even wearing make up.  (my eye liner is tattooed)
Most of my friends loved me anyway. 
.  In January. It occurred to me that I had a good friend and a husband who have been nothing but fabulous and supportive .  If they hadn't given up..  Why had I ?

I went back to my pin up hair ideas and make up and from here found a shop that sold 1950s fashion. This flattered even the biggest girl.  They are be fabulous.  Why can't I be too? 

I now have 4 dresses.  I haven't worn a dress since I was 6 years old.  I have two skirts that look fabulous. 
Guys at work made a big deal out if a simple thing (a skirt)  but screw them.  I don't have to be dowdy. 

To this aim and to end this Ramble.
I present pink.  Hair and dress plus one edited by Kevin to make it neon.  Hope he doesn't mind. 

Also...  Go and see this beautiful girl,  Emma Victoria a stunner who looks beyond  fantastic in her 1950s style.  Size and age are no barrier.  All women are fabulous..  Some of us just need reminding. 

Much love!


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