I have mentioned once or twice about my shoulder. It freezes or just wont rotate so some days I find it hard to take a cardigan on or off easily, or lift the phone at work. Ugh.
I have tried physiotherapy and I hated it. He did nothing different to what my acupuncturist does and costs a heap more. My health fund actually refunds less for physio then for massage/acupuncture.   Go figure.
Anyway... I have been used to having pins in my back for my stiff fused spine and it helps a lot. No pain and it was with this experience that I headed to my local parlor for shoulder work.
The guy was as friendly as always and did assess my joint. He worked out the muscle that was hurting and lot and got to work. For the first time in my life I had shooting pains up my arm when the needle went in. OW but it settled right down almost immediately. My shoulder is more damaged then I had guessed.
After 40 odd minutes I felt relief... he tested my shoulder for movement and I can move. Its stiff and throbbing but it moves and the sharp pain is gone (For now).
I am not to lift with my right arm, as issue as I am exclusively right handed, but if it helps healing the joint then I'll do my darndess to be good.

Have to go back in two weeks....

Thank goodness for alternative medicines.


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