Another Modcloth OOTD

Not getting the hang of this US vs Aus sizing difference. Yes I know I have to size down for US sizing (Hey that is an ego boost) But as I'm shedding weight (Various reasons) Im not getting my sizing right.

Today is a 2XL Heart and Solar Dress This is too short on me but may work in summer where short dresses are less noticable. Its too big around my waist and bust but maybe a nip can fix this. The black belt is my addition.
Yay? or Nay?
 Also from Modcloth.. (OK got a big box) Are these adorable Bow N Places Heels These are sooo comfortable! Cute as and not too tight. I love US shoes as the toe boxes are wider than Chinese and european shoes. For once these were in half sizes too. YES!!! As my feet are 9.5 in US and 9 in Aus I usually have to squish in to US 9 or swim in US 10. HALF SIZES!!! If only more shoes had half sizes.

 These are all day work shoes. Detailing is exquisite.


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