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Challenge #3 Arms/Shoulders & Hands

Photo By Ron Howship (3AW)
 Getting through a few of these as I have a day off. Total Win. ! A lovely quiet day with David. We actually have nothing planned and no pressing commitments. David WAS planning on going to photograph the xpt cars that were involved in the derailment on Jully 11 (See more at 3AW). They were due to be loco hauled from Melbourne where they were getting new bogies fitted. Its been a balls up the whole event. BUT anyway.. the locos were bringing the cars out of South Dynon yard (Gemco ) and spread the road. OOPS. These cars will never get to Sydney at this rate. Needless to say I found this greatly amusing.. but thats me... RIGHT!!! Onwards!

Just Me Leah(Leah's Brief)
Feb 2014 Assignment #3 - Arms, shoulders & hands (Think of the things you can do with your arms - hug people/cook/lift your kids etc etc - as well as the physical attributes like strength, softness etc.) Feel free to include photos of tattoos, freckles, stretch marks, or anything else you want to share with us - See more at: Just Me Leah, Body Positivity Wokshop

Left shoulder Tattoo backside
2005-08-24_2239b VB in front of fire at PictonArms, Shoulders and Hands.... Hmm not areas I think much about. I have had a shoulder injury that stops me having a full range of movement with my right arm. Boo. I have seen the physio but all he did was what my acupuncturist did and I get more back from the acupuncture than I do from the physio. BOOO I'm crap at seeking medical attention. I hate most doctors. Anywhooooo

 My shoulders and arms are tattooed.. I have yet to finish a sleeve but its coming together. Slowly. I have had to out my tattooing on hold for the
Fabian and I in the domain (he was 7 weeks)
rest of the year which means my back piece will not be finished.. but that's another story. My upper arms are flabby and soft but I am reasonably strong aside from my shoulder. I can do modified pushups! Must work on getting strong again and do proper pushups. heehee.

My arms have cradled a child, brought comfort to friends and nursed a dying pet in her last moments on this earth. I am not a hugger my nature, I don't like people touching me so if you get a hug from me, I have reached out to you and I must love you very much to allow such contact.

Right shoulder tattoo
 My tattoos are for me and me alone. I love them and I love to decorate my white skin. I have the shade that colours SHOULD pop on, but for some reason colour goes motley so most of my tattoos are monochrome. Oh well. Luckily I love monochrome.  My arms are thin, my right arm is darker from my years on the road as a bus driver and a truck driver. This also means sun spots and aging that extends to my hands. I have my heart on my sleeve. :)

 As a manual worker most of my life, I used my hands for working on planes and cars and as a child helping my grandpa build bicycles and billy carts. I rarely remember hand cream and even though I have a love of nice nails, I have to have no polish on then atm due to damage and upcoming surgery. I will probably get fake nails after surgery.. My hands are dry and old. Still they work,  I have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs and no major issues with them. They are hard working and often covered in paint or ink or grass stains. When I had time for a garden I often had dirt under my nails. I am really a tom boy at heart. (Or a bogan, what ever)

old lady hands
So thats my shoulders, arms and hands :-)  Onwards to Challenge #4

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