Challenge #4 Chest/Boobs

March 2014 Assignment #4 - Chest/boobs. Are you happy with your chest/boobs? Maybe you've had surgery (mastectomy/boob job.) Maybe you feel your boobs are too big or too small, or less than perky from breast feeding, but they're perfect as they are. I don't expect naked boobie shots, but I might put a photo in of my cleavage! - See more at: Just Me Leah
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If talking about breasts offends then please skip!
David's eyes lit up hahahahaha.. Boobies!!! 
Ops an itchy bite..grr
I have been spending 2014 on myself and fixing up my health and doing things for me. SOOO As you can see from the chart in January, I have a chest measurement of 38.5" down from 41". Iam happy with that!!!! I have a cup size of D and DD as noone is exactly symmetrical. Giggle. Like most women, I would be happy with a different shape or size or whatever... That's on low days.. My back is fleshy and adds a heap to my girth.

Work Cleavage
I don't mind low cut tops to a point. I do like to be a tad modest to work but out of work.. I'm less reserved.  My boobs are widely spaced and point out so they look better in a bra rather than out.Men throughout my life have never complained and they seem to like the shape. (Giggle)

My bra digs in even if the correct size but as my back slims down, I am having less issues. Its hard to get decent bras. Ugh. Cheap is not the way to go when you are a larger sized girl.  My under arm flab gets caught up and I go get welts. Still having a professionally fitted bra has helped.
The skin is soft and silky and not tattooed. My chest and tummy are the two places that are ink free. :-) for now......

Formal Cleavage


  1. Yvonne,
    It isn't true that "when you laugh the world laughs with you. When you cry you cry alone."
    In fact, when you cry, all those who care are crying with you... and we are.

  2. @Bert Carson sorry Bert I updated the comments to Disqus and lost your lovely comment. I'm sorry.

  3. Kazza the Blank One30 July, 2014 07:46

    She was such a lovely snake, she will be missed

  4. Oh yes, I look at her empty cold cage daily atm. I will have to clean it out soon.

  5. I'm sorry for the loss of your pet. :(

  6. Sigh. She is no longer in pain. Thats' what I have to keep thinking.


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