First downer in a while

Boo. Least I can feel something.. I ate all the caramel in my house. Well at least its gone.. I should go for a long long walk. I know the trigger and fatigue didn't help. Enough about that. Bah

My life is fine, but I watch my friends suffer under a pile of crap and I feel for them but I live far too far away to be effective. Writing Hugs on a phone is not the same as a real, living hug. Human touch, not my forte but there are times when its the only thing to say.

Work last night was a horror. Some kids decided to home make capsicum Spray and this caused the closure of  Devonshire St, then platform 24/25. This caused absolute chaos. The chaos flowed on to me around 7pm and continued to 2am. ARGH. One department were being annoying and didn't write down all the set changes. Tearing my hair out but a bright point was my staff worked without argument and did suggest things I had not seen and MAJOR thanks to them that we got people home and everything balanced.
 I got home around 6:30am.. and fell into bed. Barely managed to get my work clothes off.  (Oh my!)

Awake far too early. My shoulder was sore. Not stiff but very sore. Boo. Who needs sleep.
My dark cloud remained. Bah.

More bad news for my friend. Ugh the guy cant catch a break.

I went for supplies at the shops and took some photos of logs.  Was nice to be outside for 30 minutes. HAHAHA.
When I returned a beloved pet had died. She had suffered burns with the explosion of a heat mat and was doing well. She was alive when I went outside but had passed away when I returned.
Just because she is a snake, I get that most people will brush this off. But she was a beloved pet and a gentle soul. Very puppy like and she had as much right to a long life as any other creature. I havent had the strength to life her out of her cage and give her a loving burial. I stroked her for almost an hour. My poor baby. I couldn't help her.

I'll go and cry now.



  1. Aw. Thank you xoxox. I don't know. I just think I look like I'm going to eat small children when I show teeth

  2. YAY! Finally have disqus working. And my snaky died this arvo. :-(


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