Good day

Went to the doctor. He and I had a long talk and I had to tell him my other doctors diagnosis and the new drugs. Ugh. He questioned me and seemed happy. I had a small fitness test and was told I had very strong abs and he was satisfied. He will do almost all in one go leaving one section for the future. Means I'll have a more funny shape for a year but I'll manage. One step at a time.
Just my normal jeans and a top from Modcloth in 2X. It hides my belly nicely and I really could have used a smaller size. Its a tad too low cut. Lovely stretchy material. I felt confident today. :)

Drugs are making me sick. Ugh. Have to keep drinking water which makes my nausea much worse. FUN!
All in a good cause.

Solider ON.

Happy days ahead :) Working on myself.

Read about the cloud of anger at Bert's Blog. He explains it succinctly and my dear close friends deserve better from me.

I run until my feet stop me then walk. I need to extend my range a bit but its all coming together



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