Monday, July 14, 2014

I stupidly said yes

I usually don't do overtime. Ever. But last night around 2000hrs, I got a call. As it was cold and I was doing nothing, I agreed to go into to work. Of course it was now less than 8hours before my alarm.

Oh well.

 The shift was quiet. I got paid and still had half a day off.

Didn't do anything with it.. Dozed in the lounge.. but still.


The TeeShirt doesn't fit yet. But one day. Fingers crossed.  I have to get a friend or a seamstress to take some dresses in. I'm scared to do it as all I need to do is fall off my wagon and comfort eat. Sigh

I want a pizza......hmmmmmmm

The surgeon's secretary wanted me to stay in town after my surgery so I can be checked the next day and she doesn't want me in traffic. Sigh.. Who can afford to stay in the metro? Geez.

Oh well. TBA.

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