Just when I think I am on the mend

One simple comment from a friend sends me into a spin. Ugh. Stupid brain. I want more than I can have and I need to accept what is likely and possible. Be happy. I have so much.

I went for the mail today and there was none. But I have no bills today.
I ran out of milk and it was peak in Picton (School time) so I walked and was happy I could walk.
I had no cash for milk, but I was happy I was able to use EFTPOS fee free.

I was able to stroll back in the warm winter sunshine and bask in 24C temperatures, (I mentioned its winter??) and look into shop windows.

I am alone in the house, but I have friends I can reach out to.
I have good eyesight and I can read.
For that matter I have a house. Its mine. Some have nothing. No shelter.

Be thankful that I have health and mobility and live in a quiet country with no war and where woman are not treated worse than animals.

Others are less fortunate.

Be thankful.
Winter Camilia

I did remind you that its winter??


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