Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I haven't had a day for sleeping in these days off. Busy Bee!!! (Well except Sunday but that was housework)

Jeans and Tee shirt day. :-) Small shirt. Squee! Lighthouse. The world needs more lighthouse tee shirts.

 Kevin reminded me of a lighthouse saying

 But I do like this one too. 

Anyway laser. I was having my teeth done too but they had run out of stuff. Was waiting for a delivery. I risked the local train so had to watch the time of return services. It worked out better than I thought, so total win.  The beautician talks so fast I find her hard to follow with the noise of the laser machine but she is best friends with my tattooist's son. Small world huh???
Hurt more than last time but my hair is not growing back so I highly recommend this method. Just don't jump too high as some places are sensitive....(Oh my!!)

Home and the mail had my FB auction winnings in it. 
How cute are these? 

They go with my Super sweet dress. 
Photo from Sourpuss.com

I met a friend. Kevin edited it beautifully

My lighthouse T-shirt

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