Challenge #2 From the Neck Up

From the Neck up.
Love EVERY body Challenge #2

Doing these challenges even though
1. The challenge is finished
2. I am a year behind and
3. Some people will find is boring and self serving

I need to do this as I have been down on myself for decades, and although I am usually a bright and bubbly person, the past few years have really knocked the wind out of my sails.
I have skipped challenge one "A letter to your body" and I am not sure that is one I can do. Maybe I'll review it later when I have more time to reflect.  I am not a quitter so missing one will irritate me.

This is Challenge #2 From the neck up.

 Interesting place for me as it's the place on my body I am most happy with.

My brain is scatty sometimes and until recently had wild swings of mood that one time has see me rage as a small child (Mine) or my husband or my friends and leaving me to regret my inability to control the red wave.. luckily the child forgave me for yelling at him, at times waited for the tears that followed the red mood and comforted me (Awww), the husband and friends have stuck by me and even been comfortable in chastising me as I certainly do deserve it. It had had a lot of help and my brain now is mostly calm.. well the moods have settled and the black moods have also been reduced to clouds on the horizon.. Not perfect but who is?  I have a concern that mellow may have stolen the highs that are the oppsite part of the curve to rage but time will tell. 
My brain is also always running. I have to learn things constantly and I'm fairly good at trivia pursuit because of it. (Or Quiz up). If I am ever retired I will probably be the granny going to University just to learn another skill or subject.  That will be me with the Zimmer frame in the lecture hall.

My favourite feature above my neck is my eyes. I have largish eyes with tattooed eyeliner, my eyelashes are average but that's what mascara is for.  J
I have dry lips and they are a constant source of irritation but a lovely shape so who is complaining?  

I have long  hair. For years I have dyed it brown (from its childhood blonde) then one day, I dyed it red and black. This was around 2005? 6? I don't know. Its been a shade of black or red ever since. I have flirted with purple and blue but my son hates it.
Red and Black
 My hair long and thick and its superpower is it is straight. I mean if I spent hours putting in rollers or doing pin curls, it will poof out for an hour of so, be unwieldy, expressing its displeasure at being curled then go flat and straight. I used to go spare at this, luscious curls are not for me and my hair gets its way most of the time . Its glossy and soft  so I should just celebrate it.

Long hair, tattooed eyes & colourless lips

My nose is slightly upturned and doesn't do its job properly( you have one job nose, breathing.. one job!), but again as others have complimented me often ( weird to me though as I was born with it, I didn't choose this shape) it must be pleasing to others. I do wish it worked better and didn't get so itchy at change over season… Hello Claratyne!

Bags under my eyes often
As I have ages my skin is slightly patchy from extreme dryness but I have discovered a makeup that smooths that out mostly so I can live. Its not too wrinkly despite my years of ignoring it. Total win. It is uneven in skin tone, from age spots now appearing and red patches across my cheeks. To be expected I suppose. I am not 20!! As a shift worker that loves the night shift, I have bags under my eyes, which I don't love.

I loathe my teeth. Yellow and uneven I hav teeth whitening on occasion which helps.. (How vain am I?) and my husband and mother have spend thousands of $$$ helping me with my teeth. I am supposed to get a crown on a molar or a bridge, I forget but the temp tooth rebuild had help and I have a deep fear of the dentist so I avoid this. I rarely smile showing teeth. I have to work on this. They are teeth and they work. I have teeth and not dentures and I should be grateful. I will be grateful. 

That's all I can think of.
Thanks for wading through to the end! xoxox

Much Love to Leah from Just me, Leah who inspires a lot of women to rethink themselves and be more positive on what we have not dwell on what we don't or cant change. xoxo


  1. I think you have a lovely smile with teeth.. not sure why you don't like them :P


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