Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Modcloth and new hair

Mostly black
Well a new hair colours... Sort of. I had one of my destructive episodes and wanted to dye it all black but at the last minute I kept a small streak.

I was going to Dye it all scarlet but to strip the black out would cause too much damage.

2am Selfie
 OK Modcloth
This is so cute but not on me. Boo. Too short and the waist doesnt fall low enough making my belly show grump. I have a waist now but still a belly. BAH.
1XL Too short
 Greeting Postcard Dress.

I LOVED this In the Key Dress. ALAS its too big. Hangs like a sack so I put the pink belt. If it wasnt so expensive I'd keep it and have Ben or Mother alter it. I Can get it in a different size but no exchanges to international addresses. BOOOOOOOOO. I have to pay for return postage too. SIgh. Still I need the refund. Hmm I hand a few hours maybe a store credit..  Thoughts on this?? I adore Van Gogh and this is sooooooooo pretty. 

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