Inspired by Egeaus's photo of a sun flower 
See his photos on Instagram 

I wanted to have some of my smile flowers with me. OK the skirt wasn't one I actually liked originally but someone was selling it for $20 so I had nothing to lose (This was a few weeks ago) 
Its cold and windy today but sunny and bright... SO 
I wore a smile outfit. And Yes I like the skirt on me. The yellow belt makes a huge difference.

OK I'm weird. 

I went to pay my credit card so I can pay my lite n easy. Paypal is not working for me. (BOO) BUT their customer service was awesome.  Alas I can't buy my unicorn cardigan. SIGH 

Top basics from Kmart XL
Belt From Kitty Deluxe XL
Hell Bunny Sunflower Skirt from Facebook group 2xl

Measurements for July.
Chest 96.7cm
Waist 93.9cm
Hips 113.4cm (!!!! Up from last month... Hmmmm)


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