Pastel happiness

It was below zero today and I had no water. ARGH I was going to wash my hair before heading off to work but instead... Had to find my dry shampoo and do the best that I could. UGH. Cant get ready for work without water. Had to cook my eggs with bottled water. BAH. Expensive way to cook.

ANYWAY With such a disastrous start I decided to wear one of my expensive Retrospec'd Dresses. I am lucky in that Retrospec'd is a Newtown business and local BUT unlucky as it is EXPENSIVE. Nothing under $100. BOOOOOOO Well I have a tiny collection of these and they just sit in the wardrobe. 
I dug out the lovely pastel County Life dress by Retrospec'd (goes to size 18au which 16US or 20UK) 

I felt so pretty.

My Sophia Coat (3xl) and out into the sub zero temps.

Grandmother's Pearls from Mother Heart from collectif

Didnt This Cardigan cause a fuss

Well lots of compliments.. whilst at work, channel 9 appeared to do a report on trespassers.. As I was the controller closest to the reporter.. My cardigan got attention. The producer thought it was eye catching and therefore will distract from the reporter. . I offered to remove my cardigan but my tattoos were also an issue. Hey! I can't help being awesome. 
I was offered the producer's pashmina to wear. MMMM Warm and fuzzy. Luckily at this stage I got an issue (Ironically, trespassers) so was too busy to pay any attention to the news crew. 

SO there you go. I outshone a reporter. 
Last time I was on TV it was for Mickey and the carers of obese pets. I was his carer after we got him from the RSPCA. Poor darling died soon after. His little frame couldn't handle the weight. 


  1. Yes. Now Of course my colleagues are laughing about my TV appearance. Haha


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