Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Quick update before work

Up early for the Dr. I was seen exactly on time which is an excellent sign for the day.
I have been upped in dosage, as my dear friends have said, the original dose was far too low. Its now double. SO as of today.. I start again. Well yay I hope. As long as it helps with moods then I'm all for it. A Melbourne friend also pointed out that there is a kickback as you adjust and that will be a bitch. It has been but I'm patient and I rarely quit. I tend to see things through to the end. Soldier on. I'm but a worker ant anyway. **Grin**

Tuck in shirt. Its a big deal for me to have a tucked in shirt with jeans. I am extremely self conscious but this is getting better as I have conquered the tuck in with skirts. (YAY)

I have cracked the 90KG barrier and to celebrate. I tucked in my shirt. Sure my jeans show my belly but I'm ok with that.

:-) My Mother-in-law kindly offered her house for after surgery. For which I am grateful. Thank Sylvia.

Bat on.


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