Sunny days - Or else

My work was changed from afternoon shift standby to day shift on the coast. Win. In a way.. stuffed up some plans but Que Sera.

A lovely lady who I discovered in June, Leah, (Waves!!) struck a chord with me in her body confidence posts.

She said this... "No person's weight or size defines their worth. EVER. The world may try to show and tell you this is true, and many people may believe it, but it is a LIE. Your personality matters. Your heart matters. I'd much sooner be fat than a superior arsehole going through life judging other people as 'less than' to make myself feel better."  and "You are enough, just as you are. You are worthy. You are loveable. You deserve all good things just as anyone else does. - See more at:"

Sun, coffee (Not shown) and flowers!
Quite right!

 So with this spurring me along I decided to just wear a skirt that made me happy and I have featured it here before.  The Hell Bunny Sunflower swing Skirt
Goofy Lift Pic - Stockings for warmth.

The day drifted along quietly. Melissa needed some nasal spray for her sinuses so we sent the defects guys over to the chemist. Other than that, we drank tea and kept our heads down. (We were yelled at yesterday for not being used to "Common sense management" HAHHAHAHAHA. OK. So using common sense we just stayed out of the way of the marauding upper managers..One went off home only to return soon afterwards... hmmm curious but it didn't really register.... Until.....
Did it get to NYE already??
Until we couldn't even get up the stairs to the platform. WTF!!!!! After a Bankstown train came I elbowed my way to the platform with my colleague in tow. The next Macarthur train arrived and I used my years of experience in travelling overseas in bigger systems in peak times.. I dragged my colleague onto the train. We were on. Win!!
Jammed in

Made my train and then it had to wait for the other 4 connecting trains. On well I was on and heading home.  Walked in the door to a warm house!!! The house husband as made me a fire! Total win!



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