What a Sunday. Aka shoulda rated in bed

It started ok... a lovely sleep in. Add my overactive brain started up, it reminded me of my layby (layawayI'm told in the US) at the one stop pinup shop. Booboo..that meant get up and go to Campbelltown.looking at the train timetable,I may manage the trip by train and back. It would be touch and go.
So...Sunday OOTD happened.very casual and as the dress is too short,I had to find leggings. luckily for me, last shopping trip, David had bought me some. win. So far, so good...
Seeing my pretty pet lying still brought me down.I have to bury her. Sigh.
Train to Campbelltown then a brisk walk to the pinup shop to find that they are closed!! Argh! Dejected now,I headed back and waited for the train to leave.
NOOOOOOOOO Bah. So much for open 7 days

The afternoon was warm and balmy, if it hasn't been for the noisy teens in the quiet car,I would have dozed.  Lady next to me complimented my galaxy dress as I pass her to get off. Aww how lovely. Smiling again,I enjoyed the last of the afternoon Sun before heading inside for mortician duties.
Bye Bye baby. Rest in peace now.
Just after I had finished,I got a call from work. Could I come in tonight? Hmm why not. Beats moping.
Out of 4 days off I have been called in twice. Oh well..I'll be thankful next pay when I start leave.


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