Sunday, July 6, 2014

With peaks come Troughs

I was chirpy.. started the day still on a high from yesterday.
Money for surgery is in... 
I dressed in one of my most confortable dresses 

Had appointment for surgeon at 10am.. so excited.Arrived at 0915(OK i'm early for everything)
The lady looked at me.. and said, you are a week early my love. She had rung on Thursday and rescheduled and I had not changed my calendar.  I kept my smile one and made chit chat but I was devastated. Another week!? This will push surgery off another week and .. well .. I want to heal before Thailand. 
No belly work. That needs weeks and I don't have the money or time for that. I desperately want my belly dealt with but one stage at a time. 


Anyway holding back tears of disappointment I headed to my favourite store. I wanted the horse skirt.  The store was closed but I only had 15 minutes to wait. The lovely lady appeared and it was a lady I follow on IG! I couldn't remember when I saw her originally then it clicked. I was talking to her about hair colour last time I saw her. She was very patient. Follow her on Instagram. And before you ask no she doesn't wear a clincher.... I have seen her in several outfits at work and she is just a natural hourglass. Some girls are just perfect. I do love seeing her daily outfits. 

ANYWAY I couldn't decide between the Horse skirt and the dress I had lusted over for ages (One of three the other is here.. and here  I'm a 2XL.... just saying.....I can't buy them here in OZ as not available anymore. boo.)So I want to lay by them... Only to find that a bank transfer had gone through a week early. I had no money and whilst the lady was very patient, it was humiliating. I rang David in tears.. and he reminded me that, as I had not seen the surgeon, I had cash..... OH! SO I managed to pay my layby deposit and fled. 
Off to the grog store for a $6 bottle of red and I made Sangria. Apples soaked up the rum I had in it and became little rum bombs... OOOOO Fast acting.
Played my piano badly and its way out of tune before spending the arvo in tears again. Not right. Lost my whole arvo.. (Apple bombs.. be careful!!!) 
Bed at 5pm and I was dead until 1;:30AM.. Had some company online and this cheered me till I made the mistake of drinking water. (Water makes me nauseous even when sober - I am a koala)

Eventually after a hoodie, some painkillers and some soothing words.. I was asleep again till just after 7am. 
Off to the DR today. One that cant cancel on me. 

OK you want to laugh! Here is me as a sausage.

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