Worker Ant

I am being a good little worker ant.  The weekend was all day shift which is great for the travelling in that no car was needed, but takes up the whole day. You leave on the 0450 train and you get home around 1730hrs. SO the day is dark when you leave and almost dark when you arrive. Bah
This morning was supposed to be my only business hours shift for the fortnight but due to someone needing emergency leave.. I got moved to 1122 tomorrow and an extra shift on Friday in the middle of my 4 days off. NOOOOOOO
If i didn't have to pay for some medical loans I would just refuse. But bills have to be paid.

Today is the anniversary of my son's escape from the womb. A place I felt he had overstayed as he was due in early July (or late June) My boy is 14!! Can you believe... 14 years have passed since that day that is scarred in my memory. Chuckle....

Fabian and Me
Today, being an office day... and I felt zombie like... what better than a zombie skirt.
Hell Bunny Forever Dead Skirt . I couldn't find an Australian link but ebay should have a few. Love this pattern. I hope it still fits after the surgery. Actually I hope all my pretty dresses fit after the surgery. Fingers crossed. The top is a Michelle Top from Heart of Haute. I imported it directly.  Very comfy and a good fit. 2XL for both. 

Work Bathroom. Sorry.

2:30am photo

David treated one of the snakes for burns. The heat mat exploded. Seriously exploded. The glass at the bottom of the cage is all cracked and had heat damage. Poor snake. She now has a layer of bepanthen to soothe her skin. It looks terrible but she has no infection and her eyes are bright. She is as calm as ever. Fingers crossed she heals up.


  1. Owies, poor snake! Happy birthday to your little one. x

  2. Thank you my love. He is a good well mannered boy usually. I'm rather proud of him even though I can't take credit. Xoxo


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