Yeah though I walk through the valley

Highs and Lows.


I was on some highs when I wrote my past few entries.
This time.. not so lucky. BUT I’’l try to kepp it chipper. (Corporate smile ETC)

Soldiering on recently.

I have yet to see any confirmation that I wont be wasting my leave in Sept. Ugh. I should have been given resolution. Hell. I need firm dates. But no.

Dear friend is sick and not thinking to tell ppl he is ok., which leaves me to worry and worry makes me depressed. SIGH.

Some OOTW from the past few weeks and I have my surgeons appointment to look forwards to BUT I have not remembered to save the money for his fee. NOOOOOOOOOOO Now I have no idea what to do.  I am such an idiot.

I need this appointment. I will make it happen even if I have to sell all my clothes.

My life is now back to work, sleep and repeat.

Saw the offspring for a few days. He has developed some good taste and knows what to say to fat, paranoid women. He will go far in this life and been seen as a chatmer. He pciked out an awesome winter outfit. Chose the clothes and gave me feedback.

I got an US order  and have the most awesome cardigan. Love love love it. I was surprised  that it fit. I have to admit I bought it thinking it will be too small but OCTOPUS CARDIGAN!! A must have. It fits! It’s a crop cardi and I am a tad fat and old to wear a crop cardi but Who cares!!

I am now fit into women’s Tee-shirts. First time in years. (10 actually)

Bring on the surgery stage one and I must get my head around NOT SPENDING as I have big plans for 2015 for my tummy and I need the money.

I discovered Modcloth and that saving crap went out of the window. ARGH

I need hypnotherapy.


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