A happy post post. **Grin**

FIRSTLY!!! You MUST MUST MUST go to Stina's post of 101 positive bikini babes of all sizes. Such inspiring women.. So many pretty women rocking bikinis and I am so inspired to try a bikini in our summer. 

OK I actually ordered a bikini. I wont have time to get it before Thailand trip but I'll have it for Xmas

Python print.. Of course!!

David got my mail today. In the mail was my PUG order. Terrified that nothing will fit as I only have one dress and one dress that I layby'ed from The One stop Pin Up Shop in Campbelltown. Funny shop as it says it has an online store but you cant actually order online. The stunning Queen B is always patient and helpful with me and usually gets me to spend much more than I intend to.

My Layby stuff

ANYWAY the box had my shirts in it. Of course due to the procedure today, I can't try them on for days.. BOOOOO but also the elusive green handbag. Campbelltown only has pink and black.

Lauren top in Olive & yellow,  Doris top in Black & Red

Wicker Baguette Purse in Lime Green

A cute (And naughty) Hello Kitty t-shirt.. :-)

Cute eh?? Goes with my old necklace...

An old Avon Necklace


  1. I hate it when they ignore you for drinks refils! what drink have you got it looks really nice x

  2. Oh wow! Look at your haul!! So good. And GOOD ON YOU FOR ORDERING A BIKINI!! That's a great one too :) xx

  3. That handbag is amazing! Yay you for ordering a bikini. :)

  4. Its thre most adorable thing!! And I can't wait. Stina has really kicked my butt in this.

  5. I can't! For the first time in my life I'll wear a bikini! YAY!! Fingers crossed I can go outside in it.. Heehee. I'll give it a red hot go.

  6. Wendy Sutcliffe16 August, 2014 19:59

    Hadn't realised you'd had this done, hope it's healing up well.


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